Zutec launches photographic digital solution for Part L compliance

Zutec, the leading quality management platform and CDE client for home builders and developers, has released a customizable digital solution for Part L compliance, which is now available to clients

On June 15, 2022, a law was enacted requiring builders and property developers in England and Wales to provide qualitative photographic evidence demonstrating that new homes produce 31% less CO2 emissions compared to requirements current.

This is to comply with the improved standard of Part L (or Approved Document L 2021) of the UK Building Regulations, which comes into force to increase energy efficiency in new build.

Zutec’s digital photographic solution allows geotagged photos to be captured correctly, properly tagged, centrally stored and traced back to a property before being submitted to the appraiser for approval.

Geotagged photographic evidence allows customers to demonstrate Part L compliance

Emily Hopson-Hill, Chief Operating Officer at Zutec, commented: “Having spoken to our customers, one of the challenges they face today as the L 2021 part kicks in is having a tool or application that works on-premises from any device, whether present or not. is a WIFI or data connection available, which allows them to take and record geolocated photographic evidence of the insulation or installation of a new home, to demonstrate compliance with Part L 2021.

“Working with our customers, we’ve built a solution that can be integrated into a site quality management program that allows geo-tagged photos to be captured from any device with or without a data connection.

“Zutec provides the functionality to annotate these photos, supplement them with supporting documents, store them centrally in the platform, trace back to location and property, and share them easily. with team members, inspectors or reviewers during the construction phase via customizable workflows.

Helping homebuilders take additional steps in quality assurance, traceability and accountability

She continued, “Once the SAP assessor has reviewed the evidence, it can be approved or returned with comments. So, if the work is not up to standard, it can be corrected before construction is complete. This speeds up the process, before the EPC and BREL report is released, and avoids the timely and costly renovation of new homes.

“An industry first, Zutec can be configured quickly to adapt to changing regulations and helps homebuilders take additional steps in quality assurance, traceability and accountability.”

Simple and easy to use, Zutec can be up and running quickly with its full configurability, and provides an efficient and effective means of proving compliance with this and other upcoming building regulations, providing a single source of truth so that home builders can demonstrate that they are using the most efficient products and materials to build energy-efficient homes.

With the more stringent Future Homes and Future Building Standard coming into force in 2025, moving towards carbon neutral new homes and 75-80% emission reduction requirements, Zutec is providing a digital first step to help home builders prove their compliance which can lead to a one stop shop for quality management.

For more information on Zutec’s Part L solution, watch the webinar, download the whitepaper or contact us at [email protected]

Michael E. Marquez