WISHES to organize a photographic exhibition on Thursday

Doha: The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) – an initiative of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) – will organize a photographic exhibition titled “Nawaf and Anfal” at Fire Station: Artist in Residence.

The exhibition will be held on the first day of WISH’s Doha Healthcare Week and will remain open until October 7.

This exhibition is an important step towards broadening the conversation around disability and depicting how we can support the social inclusion of people with disabilities.

The exhibit focuses on two young Qatari children, Nawaf and Anfal, who are students at the Shafallah Center, a comprehensive, non-profit center for children with special needs in Qatar.

In a statement for WISH, photographer and head of innovation at WISH Mahmoud El Achi said: “This exhibition invites you, in a way, to immerse yourself in the life of Nawaf and Anfal, and of many others like them, and provides the clarity that can give us the opportunity to see a person beyond their disability My goal with this exhibit is to encourage everyone to separate the disability from the person and appreciate how, despite the challenges they may face, people with disabilities continue to live full lives, are supported by their families, give back to their communities, and continue to realize their full potential.”

Along with organizing this Expo, WISH will lead and support various initiatives focusing on disability, inclusion and health, and these themes will also be at the center of discussions at the upcoming WISH Summit 2022 from October 4-6.

Michael E. Marquez