WA Women’s Hall of Fame Deadly Indigenous Inductees Honored in Photo Exhibit

The remarkable First Nations women inducted into this year’s WA Women’s Hall of Fame are celebrated in a photography exhibit at NAIDOC Week.

The 2022 WA Women’s Hall of Fame Photography Exhibition will open at the South Perth Library on July 4 and run during NAIDOC week.

To celebrate, one of this year’s inductees, Wonnarua woman and founder of fashion brand Kirrikin Amanda Healy, will share her experience working in the mining sector and her experience in the high-end fashion industry during a a lecture at the South Perth Library on July 6 .

Miss and Mr NAIDOC program co-founder Shannon McGuire, Broome Basketball Association president Eunice Yu, First Nations health advocate Janinne Gliddon and the first Indigenous woman elected to an Australian parliament, Carol Martin, were also inducted.

Ms Gliddon said she felt empowered to be inducted.

“Having women from all walks of life recognized for their many contributions and the incredible work we do in our communities is empowering in itself,” she said.

“It also recognizes our strengths and resilience and celebrates the accomplishments we make for the betterment of all women in this state.

“I am who I am thanks to the strength of my mother, my grandmother, my aunts, my sisters, my cousins, my culture, my friends and my co-workers.”

Prior to entering politics, Ms Martin grew up in the Stolen Generation and was removed from her own family.

Martin found his own way back to the family, going from a ward of the state to a state deputy.

Although she was the first indigenous woman to be elected to a parliament, it was not without difficulties.

Martin said she ran into resistance from the then Prime Minister in her first run.

“I had Geoff Gallop call me 20 minutes before I was going to give my speech at the state administration,” she said.

“And he said ‘listen, I don’t support your nomination and I want you to step down’.

“And I said ‘well if it was about you Geoff I would step down. But it’s not about you.

“It’s about having someone who is going to represent the Kimberleys. Someone who lives in the Kimberley and wants to represent the community.

After reflecting on her career and now inducted into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame, Martin said she felt like she was exactly where she was meant to be.

“I think I’m at home…I’m recognized across the country and even internationally, but to get the job and be inducted, I was just thrilled,” she said.

“I was the first Aboriginal woman elected to parliament in Australia and I was the first to be elected in the Kimberleys and now there are five.”

The 2022 WA Women’s Hall of Fame Photography Exhibition will open at the South Perth Library on July 4 and run during NAIDOC week.

Michael E. Marquez