Vancouver-based artist photographer Desirée Patterson appears at VCT Visual Arts Open House, August 31 — Stir

VANCOUVER PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST Desirée Patterson is as much an activist as a creator, searching for the beauty of the world in the midst of so much environmental devastation. Focusing on sustainability, social justice and people’s relationship with nature in her work, she has traveled to over 40 countries on four continents.

Patterson describes her artistic process as consisting of “digital image capture and meticulous post-manipulation of shape, form and orientation, transforming disparate layers of imagery into unified compositions”, that she “creates industrial landscapes that seamlessly intertwine with the human form (Éveil, 2015) and composing mountainous landscapes that embody the idea of ​​melting (Point de Fusion, 2018)” or “merging threatened glaciers with temperature data climate (Anomaly, 2021) and generate macrocosmic planets that portray the precarious impact of humans on nature (Anthropocene, 2019)”.

Paradigm Shift is Patterson’s first solo exhibition since 2019. The exhibition features 40 works, including an installation from his latest series, Anomaly, the latter born out of his 2018 12-day trek to Mount Everest Base Camp. , as she documented the endangered glacial region. entities.

While the VCT Summer Show runs through the end of September, the August 31 Open House is the only public opportunity to see the show outside of ticketed theater events.

The open house also features work by graduates of Vancouver Community College’s Jewelry Art and Design program.

The free all-ages evening with bar service concludes with live music from guitarist-songwriter Zach Saunders.

Michael E. Marquez