The winners were announced at the inaugural Australian Photography Awards

The winners were announced at Australia’s inaugural photography prize at a new four-day photography conference and awards event in Victoria last weekend.

Nikon Digital Awards winner David Bignell; ‘The Australian Photographic Prize 2022’ with the sites via

Event organizers Karen Alsop and Robyn Campbell reported a higher than expected number of entries. The event saw hundreds of people a day attending the printed judging and conference, either in person or through 5,000 views on online platforms. The Australian Nikon Digital Awards photographic awards celebrated the best in amateur photography with nearly 600 entries. The EIZO Photographic Artist Award received over 100 entries, while the Australian Epson Print Awards Photography Award received 700 print entries. The list of winners is as follows:
Nikon Digital Rewards:
– Creative Category, Sponsored by Epson: David Bignell – who was named overall winner
– Landscape Category, Sponsored by Adobe: Lesley Bretherton
– Nature and Wildlife category, sponsored by Wacom: Tamas Aranyossy
– People category, sponsored by Kayell Australia: Katy Bindels
– Reporting Category, Sponsored by Adobe: Brittany Long
-Travel category, sponsored by Atkins Pro Lab: Nina Tberg

Epson Print Awards winner Charmaine Heyer; ‘The Australian Photographic Prize 2022’ with the sites via

Epson Printing Awards:
Creative Category, sponsored by Godox: Charmaine Heyer – who was named the overall winner
– Commercial category: Amber Griffin – NZ
– Australian Commercial Category Finalist – Sponsored by Studio Ninja: Sarah Jackson
– Landscape Category, Sponsored by Canson Infinity: Tony Hewitt
– Nature and Wildlife category, sponsored by Wacom: Andrew Campbell
– Pets and Animals category, sponsored by Studio Ninja: Belinda Richards
– Portrait Category, Sponsored by Nikon: Charmaine Heyer
– Report Category, Sponsored by Momento Pro: Adam Hourigan
– Travel Category, Sponsored by Canson Infinity: Steve Scalone
– Wedding Category Sponsored by Imagen: Selena Evison
– Graduate Student Award 2022, sponsored by Wacom: Donna Kileen
– Master Photographer Prize 2022, sponsored by Studio Ninja: Jo Howell
– Grand Master Photographer Prize 2022: Andrew Campbell_International Photographer Prize 2022, Sponsored by, Adobe: Amber Griffin – NZ

EIZO Photographic Artist Award Winner: Damien Bowermann; ‘The Australian Photographic Prize 2022’ with the sites via

EIZO Photographer Artist Award:
– Eizo Photographic Artist 2022, sponsored by EIZO: Damien Bowerman was named Australian winner
– International Photographic Artist Eizo 2022, sponsored by Story Art: Rob Macinnis

Village cutscene Award: Sponsored by Village, Epik Films and Filming Life Academy Winner: Jubilee Chan

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