The town hall of Teulada-Moraira asks for photos as it compiles a photographic archive

PHOTO COLLECTION: Teulada-Moraira Town Hall asks residents and visitors for new and old photos Photo credit: Teulada-Moraira Town Hall

The town hall of TEULADA-MORAIRA asks residents and visitors to complete the photographic archives of the municipality.

“They will help us to make these images of Teulada-Moraira part of our heritage,” said the councilor for citizen participation, Luis Caballero, appealing for the cooperation of the public.

All those wishing to contribute to the initiative are asked to send copies of their photos, both new and past, to the pa[email protected] e-mail address.

Communications Advisor Rosana Caselles stressed the importance of preserving and sharing old photographs: “It’s a way to tell the story of our city and our people,” she said.

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