The search for the ‘truth’ by the artist photographer

TWYFORD artist photographer Christopher Cristóbal Newberry is hosting an exhibition of his work in Alresford, starting next week.

Her work will be on display from Tuesday June 14 to Monday June 20 at The Light Room in the Old Chapel, The Dean. Admission is free and the exhibition is open from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Mr. Newberry, 71, is well known for his photographs in the bestselling books Look Up! Winchester and Look Up! Salisbury.

This will be his first show after confinement. Shortly before the Covid pandemic he had exhibited at the National Museum of Art in Romania, and another in Yorkshire.

The exhibit, True Colours, focuses on recent ‘post-truth’ times and Mr. Newberry has written a small book to accompany the exhibit.

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It has been heavily affected by the Covid pandemic. Although he exhibited at The Other Art Fair in London last year between closings, his exhibition at the Light Room Gallery will be the first since March 2020.

During times of confinement, he developed a series of works derived from the need to take a closer look at his home environment and a sense of dread at the thought of what the future might hold for all of us. One of his works illustrates this feeling of dread: Composition 462 “Coronavirus” – a semaphore code message with gardening tools, a DIY paintbrush and a sturdy face mask. Other compositions from this period include “Philosophers”, “Dining Room”, “From Stone to Life” and “Tête à Tate I – Symmetry”.

According to his entry in Saatchi Art, “he has an obsessive interest in unraveling truth from ‘alternative truth’ in the ‘post-truth’ world”.

Of the new show, he writes: “The running theme is ‘perception’ versus ‘truth’ – the ‘true colors’ of people, ideas and information. How humans see and interpret information – including visual information. I am not an expert in the field of perception – not in a scientific sense, but I have read and thought a lot with the help of scientific analysis. And I hope to have a small influence on the debate about how we interpret information and why we interpret it in certain ways.”

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