The “photographic summer” festival returns to its quarters in the Gers and celebrates the hope of “making the future blaze”

In the Gers countryside, photography is in the spotlight. It’s the return of the festival of photographic summer in Lectoure, until September 18. In the four corners of the small town, exhibitions are multiplying. The largest takes up residence in the massif Art and photography center. The monochrome prototypes of the German photographer couple Anna and Bernhard Blume allow visitors to scrutinize them. Clichés that flirt with the absurd. Produced between the 60s and 80s, they rub shoulders with the works of other artists who share the same vision: using humor to forget the gravity of the world.

France 3 Occitania /J. Meurin / E. Coorevits / S. Le Béon / S. Cascione

As usual, the festival focuses on eclecticism. The Bladé school welcomes four artists with intriguing styles. Among them, David De Beyter exhibits his art halfway between reality and fiction with his luminous skies. But also images closer to nature immortalized by Anne-Charlotte Finel. “It’s true that we like to come every year. We find it very original, very particular. We don’t like everything but at least we discover“, rejoices a visitor.

Founded in the 90s, photographic summer welcomes an average of 7,000 visitors each year. The event quickly became a must in the cultural program of Lectoure, while allowing to mix rurality and photography. “It’s good that there is this accessibility, to allow this meeting between artists and people who want to open their minds a littleadds a tourist. Throughout the festival, guided tours, cinema screenings and several workshops will complete the program, to discover the art of photography from a new angle.

Festival photographic summeruntil September 18, closed on Tuesdays, Lectoure, Gers, 6 euros

Michael E. Marquez