The new photographic exhibition of MUPAM by a group of artists from Malaga

A visitor looks at the collection of photographs. / salas salvador

MUPAM is organizing a collective exhibition of photographs and video installations by artists and FAMA members

MUPAM opens its doors to present a collective exhibition with a female accent. In it, twenty-five women artists and photographers come together in “Autopoiesis”, which aims to recreate the identity of artists in confluence with their environment. Their experiences are reflected in these forty images in various formats, including installations, photo books and video art.

The exhibition, curated by Elena Pedrosa, is the result of the work of the Colectivo de Fotógrafas Artistas Malagueñas, known as FAMA. It includes works by Cristina Savage, Alba Blanco, Laura Brickmann, Lola Araque, Lucía Villar, Verónica Ruth Frías and Victoria Abón, among others. These women all participate in the cultural life of Malaga, so they bring their point of view and their vision of the city and its possibilities through their art.

The exhibition, visible until February 27, is part of the new program prepared by the museum.

MUPAM also offers guided tours throughout the month of January from Tuesday to Friday at 6 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays at 1 p.m. in its premises at 1 Paseo Reding in the city center.

Michael E. Marquez