The Australian Photographic Prize 2022 announces its first winners

The Australian Photographic Prize (APP) has announced the winners of its inaugural competition, which further includes the Epson Print Awards, Nikon Digital Awards, Eizo Photographic Artist, School Student Prize, Village Cinema Support, Village Cinematic Award, the Expo Playground APP and Conference APP.

The competition also has a long list of sponsors, with over A$30,000 (US$20,000 / £17,500 approx) in prizes up for grabs across the various categories and elements of the photo competitions.

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A new photography conference, competition and awards event has brought a fresh perspective to the Australian photography community. This takes the form of the Australian Photography Prize 2022 (opens in a new tab). The APP offers participants the opportunity to not only win amazing prizes, but also to be recognized and receive valuable feedback.

Photographer David Bignell has won the Australian Photography Prize for the Nikon Digital Awards, with his thoughtful self-portrait.

This particular award was designed to celebrate Australia’s top amateur photographers with exposure opportunities. David won the Creative category, sponsored by Epson, in addition to being the overall winner of the Nikon Digital Award.

Nikon Digital Award winning entry (Image credit: David Bignell/Australian Photographic Award)

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“I am delighted to have won the 2022 Australian Photographic Award. My photo is part of a series I made during lockdown. It uses a visual metaphor to convey the message of someone who is literally washed out.” Shares David Bignell.

“The fragility of fabrics was apt to describe the fragility of the mind under different pressures. Ironically, being locked up opened the door to a new creative space to explore and a Zeitgeist to capture.”

(Image credit: Charmaine Heyer/Australian Photographic Award)

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As for the Epson Print Awards, the winning title went to Charmaine Heyer, a professional photographer based in North Queensland, with her entry of a fine art-style lady-bug hybrid. In addition to the overall win, Heyer won the Epson Creative category, sponsored by Godox.

She said: “‘This Creative category image was part of a fashion shoot. My intention was to transform an insect and a human to highlight our interdependence.”

(Image credit: Damien Bowerman/Australian Photographic Award)

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Photographer Damien Bowerman is the winner of the EIZO Photographic Artist Award, sponsored by EIZO Australia. Bowerman’s entry combines elements of mixed media in a very creative mix, showing a man looking through a magnifying glass and wearing a cap.

The International Photographic Artist Eizo 2022, sponsored by Story Art, was awarded to photographer Rob Macinnis for his incredible entry of a perfectly composed herd of animals in a family portrait style, with beautiful mountain scenery in the background. plan.

Winner of the Epson Print Awards for Nature and Wildlife. (Image credit: Andrew Campbell/Australian Photographic Award)

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Epson Print award winning pet and animal. (Image credit: Belinda Richards/Australian Photographic Award)

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Finally, the Village Cinematic Award, sponsored by Village, Epik Films, and Filming Life Academy, went to Jubilee Chan with their creepy video that won first prize. Chan’s entry can be viewed below, via YouTube

The contest and event was very rewarding, especially for high school students, with a student category created just for them. Over the course of four days, APP saw the best of their fields in professional landscape, portraiture, business and marriage, as well as student and amateur photography, come together to celebrate their creative endeavours.

As the inaugural event, Australian Photographic Prize Directors Karen Alsop and Robyn Campbell received a higher than expected number of entries, and the number of physical attendees was promising for future growth of the prizes. Attendance at live streams also numbered in the thousands for all events, with students taking particular interest.

The student photography prize (opens in a new tab) is proudly sponsored by Hillcrest Christian College and Rivercrest Christian College, although the results of this award are apparently yet to be announced as no winning and runner-up images have yet been selected. We will update this article when the organizers give us more information on the result of this category.

International winner of Epson Print Awards. (Image credit: Amber Griffin/Australian Photographic Award)

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Australia’s first-ever photography award has apparently been a big hit, to see the full gallery (opens in a new tab) including images of the contest finalists, be sure to visit the APP’s website.

Details on how to apply for the upcoming 2023 Australian Photographic Award have yet to be revealed.

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Michael E. Marquez