Tbilisi location hosting artist David Meskhi’s photographic exploration of weightlessness

A photographic exploration of weightlessness, moving bodies and freedom will be presented at the Museum of Photography and Multimedia in Tbilisi from this Thursday, through the first multimedia exhibition of the artist David Meskhi.

Bringing together the latest works of Meskhi, distinguished for both his photographic and stage work, the two-month exhibition – titled Color of weightlessness – will present most of them for the first time, in a “study of identity, a search for freedom and a deep emotional experience”, the organizers said in their summary before the opening in the Georgian capital.

The photographs will include works bearing the artist’s signature theme of bodies in motion, featured prominently in exhibitions at venues ranging from Berlin’s Modern Photography Gallery to downtown Tbilisi’s Project ArtBeat Gallery.

In Meskhi’s photographs, supernatural bodies exist beyond time. In the space open to mystical interpretations, to the state of mind and body encapsulating the mystery of being. In space where weightlessness has its color

Summary of the exhibition

They represent the snapshots taken by the photographer in his observations of athletes doing jumps, moments of physical suspension and dynamics of the human body, the selection encompassing photographs taken between 2016-2021.

In addition to still images, the exhibition – curated by Tbilisi Photo Festival and Goethe Institute – will present three video installations and a sound composition full of sun by musical artist Nika Kocharov, all used for the artistic exploration of simultaneous aspirations for freedom and the limitations imposed by social norms.

Alongside exhibitions of his photographic works at the Berlin Gallery and London’s Calvert 22 Space in recent years, Meskhi has also been honored for his co-directing of the 2015 documentary When the Earth seems to be lightreceived the award for Best Debut Appearance at that year’s Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.

On the occasion of the closing of this year’s Photo Festival, color of weightlessness will be open at the TPMM site, located at 14 Merab Kostava Street in the capital, until February 28.

Michael E. Marquez