Step into the future with Rankin’s volumetric capture and photographic sculptures

Of course, a lot of technology goes into using volumetric capture. To concretize these sculptures, for example, a rig of no less than 170 cameras was used. “That’s not to say it’s not a defining moment or a moment that I create, but a moment that’s captured from all these different angles at the same time.”

The amount of angles covered allows Rankin to achieve a “260° to 340° visual representation of the person or subject”. The photographer himself admits it almost doesn’t seem possible, likening it to being in “a sci-fi movie when you do the work”.

When asked if he would like to continue using the revolutionary technology, he replied, “Absolutely, I’m working on a lot of things right now. Now that I figured out what I wanted and how to use the technology, I think I’m going to do a few…budget permitting!”

As with any industry, photography has seen unprecedented technological advancements over the years, many people wouldn’t have even been able to conjure up even a hint of how it works. Volumetric capture has given us the opportunity to enter other worlds through virtual reality and augmented reality. However, Rankin is embracing this innovative technology and bringing his signature to it, bringing the digital world into our own.

“Back when I started photography, if someone had said that I would end up being a photographer who made sculptures from my shots, I would have laughed at them. Now it is a reality. I think that says a lot, but of course that’s just a small aspect of how photography has changed. To be honest with you, I think as a psychic it consumes humanity, but hey, watch this space!

Michael E. Marquez