SPOA Announces 2022 National School Photography Contest Finalists

2022 National Photography Competition Finalists – Autumn Portraits

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2022 National Photography Contest – National Finalists – Sports Teams

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2022 National Photography Competition – National Finalists – Fall Portraits

School Photographers of America announces the finalists for the school photography contest representing the best school photography in the nation.

GREENSBORO, North Carolina, USA, May 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — School Photographers of America (SPOA) has announced the finalists for the first 2022 National School Photography Contest. The grand champions in each category will be announced June 10 in Houston, Texas at the International Conference on School Photography and directories to be held at the Westin Galleria. The competition highlights the best in school photography, from traditional class portraits and graduation photos to dynamic sports photography and creative senior portraits.

“The national competition promotes healthy competition while raising the level of photographic quality across the country in many areas of school photography,” said David Crandall, Executive Director, SPOA. “From kindergarten portraits to high school students, school photography is one of America’s rich traditions. This year, we are delighted to announce the finalists in each category.

School Photographers of America will honor the finalists, schools and students in each category – as well as the grand champion with a prized trophy – at a formal dinner and awards ceremony on Friday, June 10 at the Westin Ballroom Gallery. Photographers from all over the United States entered this contest.

The finalists are:

Preschool – Autumn Portrait
• Pictures of the school
• Pictures of the school

Preschool – Graduation
• Anne Hull – Targeted school photography
• Chastity Mata – Photo Texas Photography

Underclass – Autumn Portraits
• Anne Hull – Targeted school photography
• Sarah Ries – Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co.
• Ryan Ponte – Made the Grade Photography (two selected entries)
• Emily Pitsch – GPI – Geskus Photography

Subclass – Spring Portraits
• Jessica Fulgium – Targeted school photography
• Kym James – Focused School Photography
• Chastity Mata – Photo Texas Photography

Class Groups – Traditional
• Jenny Brown – Strawbridge Studios
• Miranda Grubbs – Strawbridge Studios
• Isaac Ulrey – Strawbridge Studios

School Staff Groups
• Peter Kramer – GPI – Geskus Photography
• Robert Settle – Leonard’s

School Sports – Individual
• Rene Davila – Strawbridge Studios
• Morgan Graham – Strawbridge Studios
• Alissa Harmon – Leonard’s
• Peter Muhly – Leonard’s
• Emily Walsh – GPI – Geskus Photography

School Sports – Team – Traditional
• Jen Adamo – Strawbridge Studios (two entries selected)
• Jefferson Carrol – Photo Texas Photography
• Dylan Robbins – Strawbridge Studios
• Alyssa Tranbarger – Cady Studios

School Sports – Team – Creative
• Korin Janes – Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co.
• Peter Muhly – Leonard’s
• Demarius Pearson – Cady Studios
• Morgan Prize – Cady Studios
• Reeyon Rouse – Cady Studios

Panoramic Large Group
• Darrell Thomas – Cady Studios
• Peter Muhly – Leonard’s

cap and dress
• Black Adhamh – GPI – Geskus Photography
• Portia Harrelson – Focused School Photography
• Anne Hull – Targeted school photography
• Eric Patrie – Upstate Images
• Sarah Rusnak – Photo Texas Photography

• Korin Janes – Interstate Studios
• Chastity Mata – Photo Texas Photography

Seniors – Formal Portrait
• Kym James – Focused School Photography
• Eric Patrie – Upstate Images
• Tracy Sanders – Strawbridge Studios (two entries selected)
• Jack Upton – Strawbridge Studios

Seniors – Casual
• Corey Cameron – Cady Studios
• Francisco Bililoni – Cady Studios
• Alissa Harmon – Leonard’s
• Tyrone Summers – Strawbridge Studios
• Eric Patrie – Upstate Images

Seniors – Lifestyle/Environment
• Alissa Harmon – Leonard’s
• Jerry Alexander – Leonard’s
• Peter Muhly – Leonard’s (three entries selected)

Seniors – Creative/Open
• Joy Horton– Cady Studios
• Alissa Harmon – Leonard’s (two entries selected)
• Eric Patrie – Upstate Images
• Victoria Rust – Cady Studios

School buildings
• Peter Muhly – Leonard’s

Photographer – Creative/Open
• Robert Consiglio – Leonard’s
• Alissa Harmon – Leonard’s
• Robert Settle – Leonard’s
• Bernirki Stradford – Strawbridge Studios
• Madeline Thornton – Strawbridge Studios

The competition featured two rounds of online judging. The final round was represented by a retired school photographer with over 30 years of experience as a judge and is a Certified Master Photographer as well as a Sony Artisan Photographer, as well as a School District and Education Official. state education.

About School Photographers of America:

School Photographers of America (SPOA) is the national trade association for school photography and yearbooks. SPOA’s mission is to defend, educate, promote, protect and preserve the rich traditions of school and yearbook photography. To find out more visit www.schooltraditions.org

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