See photos of Donald Trump’s apparently gutted documents

New York Times journalist and author Maggie Haberman provided photographic evidence to back up her previous claim that Donald Trump would flush handwritten presidential documents down the White House toilet and frequently clog pipes in the process.

The photos, which are embedded below, show documents believed to have been written by Trump himself, torn up and sitting in the bottom of the toilet. Haberman — whose book on Trump’s White House, ‘Confidence Man,’ is due out in October — reports that the photo on the left is from a White House bathroom, while the photo on the right is from a overseas trip, according to Axios, which released the photos exclusively on Monday.

“It was an extension of Trump’s habit of tearing up documents that are supposed to be kept under the Presidential Archives Act,” Haberman told the outlet.

Haberman’s reports of the rinsed documents first surfaced in February, and Trump was quick to deny the claim.

“Yeah, it’s fake news and she’s a fake writer,” he told Fox News of the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. “It’s a completely false story. She made it up,” he continued. “I don’t believe they have any sources. Who’s going to be a source for this anyway? Who would know? There’s no source. They invent it.

The revelation, of course, made its way into both morning shows and late-night stand-up comedy at the time. “The View” co-host Ana Navarro criticized the hypocrisy of Trump and the Republican Party for fixating on Hilary Clinton’s emails, when Trump allegedly did this. “I mean, I knew they were full of bullshit, but I didn’t realize it had gone this far,” she joked.

Michael E. Marquez