Photography at all costs – A year of photographic awards at the BnF

the National Library of France supports a large number of photographic awards. The Library is a historical partner of the Niepce Prize and the Nadar Prize initiated by the association Gens d’images in 1955. And in 2006, became a partner of the Talent scholarship and finally, in 2020, the new Photographic Print Prize – Florence & Damien Bachelot Collection – International College of Photography. Since November 23, 2021, the BnF presents, in collaboration with the International College of Photography, Image People, and Picto Foundation a selection of prints from the winners of these partner prizes, in an exhibition that aims to be the annual meeting place for photography enthusiasts. The opportunity for the public to immerse themselves in the creative effervescence of today’s photography.

Commissioners: Héloïse Conesa, curator in the Department of Prints and Photography, BnF, with the complicity of photographers and partners.

Exhibition co-organized with: The International College of Photography, Les Gens d’images,, Picto Foundation
With the support of: Collection Florence and Damien Bachelot for the photographic print prize, Fisheye, Lumière Ilford, Musée Réattu, Pixtrakk, SAIF
In partnership with: ADAGP, Escourbiac the printer, Les Editions Les Yeux, Nicéphore Niépce Museum, University of Angers – Dityvon Gallery
With the support of the Louis Roederer Foundation

Photography at all costs
A year of photographic awards at the BnF
November 23, 2021 – February 20, 2022
BnF I Francois Mitterrand
Julien Cain Alley
Quai Francois Mauriac 75013 PARIS
East entrance

Tuesday to Saturday 9 a.m. > 8 p.m.
Sunday 1 p.m. > 7 p.m.
Monday 2 p.m. > 8 p.m.
Closed on public holidays
Free entrance

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