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In Ukraine, large murals are the main form of traditional street art, as they will not be erased by housing and communal services the next day. This has not changed in the last 100 days.

Murals around Ukraine

“Holy Javelin” has become the most talked about mural. Designed by Ukrainian-Canadian journalist Christian Boris, the mural adorns Aviaconstructor Antonov Street in Kyiv.

The ancient tradition of painting icons has been modernized. Instead of swords or spears, the mural depicts the FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missile system. However, its combination with a religious symbol – a halo – aroused the displeasure of the Council of Churches. At their request, the halo was erased.

Another mural by Konstantin Kachanovsky in Rivne, a city in western Ukraine, has a similar theme. It depicts a Ukrainian woman with a gun in her hands.

The ancient tradition of painting icons has been modernized.

And a mural by artists Anton Kravchenko and Oleksandr Fastovets in Poltava, a city in central Ukraine, features soldiers, a dog and a kitten. In the center of the picture is a girl in a national costume with a crown on her head with loose ribbons. She holds the coat of arms of Ukraine. To his left are border guards and to his right infantry of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Next to her is an Azov fighter with a cat in his arms, and on the ground is the dog Patron, who helps rescuers clear the liberated territories.

And in the Obolon district of Kyiv, a mural by artist Oleksandr Korban reads: “Warrior sewing together the flag of Ukraine”. It depicts the hands of the military sewing together a flag that symbolizes the country. The mural was created during the release of Irpin and Bucha.

Ukrainian artist Sasha Korban created this symbolic mural in Kyiv.

Sasha Korban

Street art around the world supports Ukraine

Street art in Ukraine often takes place against the backdrop of aerial bombardment. But on the safer streets of cities around the world, murals have also appeared in the past 100 days.

“Faces of Heroes and Victims” can be seen on the wall of the Street Museum in Amsterdam. Street artist Magdalena Anopsi painted portraits of two Ukrainians who died in this war. Who are they?

Vitaliy Skakun, 26, junior combat engineer. He sacrificed his life to blow up the bridge. He died on February 24, at the start of Russia’s war against Ukraine. He died defending his country. And a girl, Polina, was killed on March 19 along with her parents on the streets of Kyiv. She was a 4th grade student.

Murals also pay homage to living heroes. Zakhar Nechypor, a Ukrainian actor, became famous for a New York Times viral report of civilians seeking to defend their country and overcrowded military recruiting centers at the start of the war. Today, Zakhar’s face as a collective image of brave civilians graces the town of Letterkenny in Northern Ireland.

The painter of this mural, Ciarán Dunlevy, said: “It is to honor their exceptional courage, strength, humanity and power. We want them to know that the people of Ireland stand with them in solidarity and love.”

Resistance Symbols

Along with the heroic fate of Ukrainians, artists pay great attention to symbols of the spirit and struggle.

“Rooster of Borodianka” is a symbol of the unshakeable spirit of the Ukrainian people that adorns the city of St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland. The wall painting bears an inscription in Ukrainian: “No to war”. The ceramic clay rooster became world famous after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson received the same roosters as a gift during his visit to Kyiv.

Artists pay great attention to symbols of spirit and struggle.

“Ukrainian Resistance” is a digital remake of the work of Banksy, who donated 100,000 euros to Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital from the sale of one of his works.

Instead of the usual bouquet of flowers, previously depicted in Banksy’s artwork, sunflowers appeared in the remake as a symbol of Ukrainian resistance. Even Anonymous hackers shared this photo on their Twitter.

A fresco reproducing the work of Banksy in the context of the war in Ukraine

“Ukrainian Resistance” is a remake of Banksy’s work, with sunflowers replacing the bouquet from the original work.

Livy Bereg

Empathy for the Ukrainian people

“To Ukraine with Love” is a work that takes us back to the title of the James Bond film From Russia with love. The title symbolizes the shift in sentiment in the global community.

In Corie Mattie’s work, Putin’s disembodied head is transported from one of the streets of Los Angeles to Ukraine. The author added QR codes to his mural. The link leads to a website where you can donate or find information about the war in Ukraine.

One of the main themes of art objects in the world has become empathy for the tragedy of the Ukrainian people. So in Tbilisi they created an object supporting Ukraine in the war.

Even more moving is the picture on the wall of a house bombed by Russian troops in Syria. “Syrian solidarity with Ukrainians” is how the artist Aziz Al-Asmar signed his work.

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