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KARACHI: An international photography exhibition titled Color of the World has opened to the public at the Japanese Culture and Information Center, Consulate, and will run until next week.

The exhibit opened to visitors on Friday.

Speaking on the occasion, Mohammad Azmat Shigeyuki Ataka, chief patron of the Pakistan Association of Photo Journalists, said Japan’s first international photography salon was held in 1927 with participants from 15 overseas countries. sea. It was first held every other year, then suspended due to World War II. But since 1950, it has been held every year.

Mr. Ataka said that for the current 81st edition of the fair, the total number of submissions was 11,841, of which 65% were submitted by foreign photographers from 76 countries, 32% from Japan and 3% were submitted in the category U30. Among them, the jury selected a total of 111 works, including six winners of a special prize.

Yasuo Sakuma, a former senior photojournalist at the Asahi Shimbun who helped bring the exhibition from Japan to Karachi from where it will travel to other parts of Pakistan, spoke a bit about the history of the exhibition and expressed his joy at its inauguration. in Karachi on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Pak-Japan relations.

The Consul General of Japan in Karachi, Toshio Odagiri, said he was happy to inaugurate the 81st edition of the show which has been held in Japan since 1927. He congratulated everyone who thought of bringing the show to Karachi at the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Pakistan-Japan relations.

He mentioned those suffering from the flash floods in Pakistan and said the international community, including Japan, will continue to support those affected. He added that photography was an interesting way to look at the world.

Kalim Farooqui, chairman of the Pak-Japan Business Forum, said looking at the featured images is worth more than a thousand words. He was grateful to the Consul General for bringing the photos from Japan to Karachi.

Zahid Hussain and Muhammad Zubair also spoke.

The exhibition will continue until October 13.

Posted in Dawn, October 9, 2022

Michael E. Marquez