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A recording of a Zoom competition in which the Isle of Man Photographic Society took part was the subject of the society’s meeting last week – and a highly unusual format provided one of the main interests.

With the Covid pandemic having caused chaos for the holding of regular Photographic Society meetings over the past two years, the Cwm Rhondda Club in South Wales came up with the idea of ​​a multi-club digital competition and invited a wide range of clubs to compete.

In the end, 26 clubs signed up, the mix including clubs from the UK, USA, Malta, South Africa and Canada, as well as ourselves, with only four images from each.

Each frame was to be judged with a maximum score of 20, with the total of the four frames then determining the winning club.

The competition was held online via Zoom, the judge with the unenviable task of commenting on 104 images in total was Leo Rich, a highly respected judge with ARPS, EFIAP/gold, DPAGB, BPE3* qualifications and based in the south of England, so independent of all participants.

A chatty commentary ensued, with each image receiving thoughtful feedback.

Our four images included Sue Jones’ Star Attraction, a lovely foreground of Laxey’s wheel against a bright starry sky behind, which scored 17.

Then followed Sue Blythe’s Coming In To Land, a close-up portrait of a puffin with sand eels in its beak, the action sharp, the colors lovely and very well seen – and again with 17.

At this point, halfway through the competition, we were roughly tied for 11th – a respectable but not a winning position, with several clubs already scoring several significantly better ahead of us.

Then came the second half, our next image on display being Jeremy Broome-Smith’s Swallow on the Wing – another close-up portrait of the bird taken at three-quarter length and obviously flying fast, but again the image was sharp, the bird seen in lovely detail – and delighting our judge with a score of 18.

The last image in our entry was Claire Schreuder’s Victorian Belle – a great image of a young woman dressed appropriately to match the title, her hands holding a bouquet of flowers.

He earned a maximum of 20 points, giving IOMPS a final score of 72 out of a maximum of 80 – and earning us a third tie in the club competition – a very satisfying result considering the truly international character of the competition.

The Isle of Man Photographic Society’s next meeting will be on Wednesday, March 9, when Tony Curtis will judge the third competition open.

All meetings are held at St. John Ambulance Headquarters on Glencrutchery Road in Douglas, with meetings starting at 7 p.m.

Full details of our program can be found on our Facebook page or on our website www.iomps.com.

Meetings are open to the public (non-members with a nominal fee), and all will be warmly welcomed.

Chris Blyth

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