‘Nosey Parker’ is a charming and heartfelt photographic ode to the North of England

In a heartfelt ode to the English city of Leeds (and surrounding areas), photographer and creative producer Hannah Platts has just released a selection of the most recent photographs in her latest publication, Nosy Parker. The 72-page hardcover book is the first to be published by Platform, RRB Photobooks’ new publishing project which hopes to support emerging voices in British documentary photography.

Capturing the colorful shop windows, hidden gems and mundane moments that make the county of Yorkshire magical, Platt’s portrayal of Leeds is brimming with humor and character. From a photo of chickens crossing the road to an ice cream van parked precariously on a slipway by the sea, Platt’s work shows the diverse and distinct settings that make up his city.

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(Image credit: © Hannah Platt)

Since graduating in photography from Leeds Art University in 2014, Hannah Platt has self-published several photography books, including You’re in America now, baby and Out of orderwhich sold in two editions.

When not working on a photography project or printing her self-published works, Platt works as a creative producer for East Street Arts. (opens in a new tab) – a charity that aims to empower artists to be self-determined, to take control and influence decisions that will improve the lives and environments of others.

One of Britain’s best-known documentary photographers, Martin Parr, wrote the foreword, describing it as “… brief glances she captured and owned that have become part of her connection to the city … Photography is about ensuring the connection to the subject is clear and concise while retaining the ambiguity that all good work contains.”

Cover of Nosy Parker (Image credit: © Hannah Platt)

Platt’s playful approach is evident in her work, whether she photographs the everyday or the extraordinary. This is not a serious photo book, but a book that is meant to bring joy and laughter.

“I hope this book brought a smile. If not, haven’t you seen the chickens crossing the road? Most if not all of the time I’ll take a picture because it there was something special that caught my attention.. Nosy Parker is full of those bright moments; which I have to thank Yorkshire for, it’s a very lovely playground.”

Nosy Parker is now available for pre-order (opens in a new tab) set for release later this month. At just £28 (approx. $32 / AU$49) for the standard version or £65 (approx. $74 / AU$113) for the special edition with a signed print, this quirky and insightful photo book will be a welcome addition to any any coffee table.

Michael E. Marquez