More stunning images from the Dewsbury Photographic Group – taken for the first competition this season

The group has been busy taking pictures for their first competition this season.

A Dewsbury Photographic Group spokesperson said: “With the new season well underway, the group have submitted prints and images for the first competition.

“We also had a studio portrait night with five models in period dress and a members night, with a member spinning wool from a fleece.

“We also had a guest speaker, who was a professional photographer, showing members how to set up portrait lighting, taking pictures of some members and showing the results in the club.

“The group also held a local club challenge on Monday, October 17, with the Normanton Camera Club, each club submits 12 member prints and 12 images to an independent judge who scores each print and image. Each club hopes that their work will get top marks.

“If you are interested in photography, novice or advanced and would like to see some of your images win a prize, why not come join us for two free meetings to see if this is for you. If you like what you see, there’s an annual submission of £20, then £2 per meeting if you attend. »

Founded in 1901, the Dewsbury Photographic Group is a group of people interested in photography, eager to improve their skills, learn through hands-on activities and from each other, and listen and question the speakers guests.

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Michael E. Marquez