Meet Hashim tariq bhat writer and photographer from Ganderbal

Hashim Tariq Bhatan occupant of Duderhama Ganderbal running after BA from Amar Singh College, .Hashim did his mentorship from Habak Crescent Public School Naseem Bagh, Hazratbal.

Hashim composed his most memorable book called “Daleel The Story Of My Snaps”. The book was distributed by alleged distributor Notion Press. The book is an assortment of photos taken by him and many stories are composed at the bottom of each photo.

He is also co-author of many different books. He recently created his next book “The Anecdote”, this book is also an assortment of photos and stories about them. He has also been featured in many photography magazines. was focusing on sixth grade, when he got a cell phone from his parents and he involved him for good reason as he took some decent pictures with this gadget.

Hashim Tariq Bhat recently launched a magazine where he helps many young, mature journalists get their work published. Asking how deterrents deal with the face as a photographic artist, he said: Many people hesitate as I try to get them to consider how here in Kashmir you have to be very careful and you must also remain aware of social and social harmony.

Hashim runs various races and he said he was ready to deliver his third book shortly. The book is totally associated with Kashmir heritage, culture and specialist. He has collaborated with various magazines and participated in numerous photographic walks and photography studios. His hand hold portrait became famous online through electronic media in 2017, I recently got this portrait, with only one point that it will be a keepsake for me, well I thank online media that people have liked this image and various pages even shared this.

Michael E. Marquez