Leisuretime I: a photographic installation sailing on the Yarra River

Made by artists Aaron Claringbold and Rebecca McCauley a photographic installation on the Yarra/Birrarung River titled Leisure I opens later this month.

© Aaron Claringbold & Rebecca McCauley – Free Time (2022)

Leisure Iwhich will take place inside a working tourist ferry on the Birrarung/Yarra River, was created as a site-specific photographic experience.

Against the backdrop of the floodplains now known as the City of Melbourne, the work was designed to explore the ways in which photography has shaped contemporary ideas around the use of natural spaces.

© Aaron Claringbold & Rebecca McCauley - Free Time (2022)
© Aaron Claringbold & Rebecca McCauley – Free Time (2022)

Spectators will float along the river seated in a camera obscura installed inside the tourist ferry, allowing them to experience the inverted and upside-down environment projected onto the walls of the ship.

Originally slated to debut at Next Wave Festival 2020 and then postponed due to the pandemic, the opening of the photographic experience on the river has been a long time coming.

Leisure I
Aaron Claringbold and Rebecca McCauley
Sun 27 & Tue 29 March
Berth 2, Federation Quay, Princes Walk (in front of Riverland)

If you want to discover this experience, you can buy tickets here.

About the artists:

Living and working in Melbourne/Naarm, Claringbold and Mccauley are photographic artists who have common interests in using art to explore ideas about land, land use, ecology and human presence in modern Australia.

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