King’s Lynn artist sets up photography exhibition

Born and raised in King’s Lynn, artist photographer, Fiona Bennett returns to his native county to present an exhibition of his work at the prestigious imaginative Handa gallery Wells Maltings.

Inspired and influenced by the photographic works of Helene Binet, Emily Allchurch and Berenice Abbott, Bennett remains unique with her own distinctive style.

She has exhibited at the Royal Academy and as far away as Italy.

Sense of place by Fiona Bennett. (56632891)

Not only a photographer, she is a sculptor of photographic images, a painter whose brush is her camera.

His unique creation of architectural collages and chimerical constructs produces fiction that feels real until examined more closely.

Sense of Place, Bennett’s most recent work, features his latest exhibition inspired by a trip to Wells-Next-The-Sea and incorporates several elements that highlight the town’s heritage, history and traditions. buildings.

I love being by the sea by Fiona Bennett.  (56632896)
I love being by the sea by Fiona Bennett. (56632896)

She said: ‘Wells is a fantastic, bustling town and it was a pleasure getting to know the place and its people.

The exhibition will feature architectural collages of Bennett’s work commissioned for the Gibberd Gallery in Harlow, and of Southend, the setting for his larger work, I Love Being by the Sea.

Designed like a roll of wallpaper and designed to stick to a long wall, this is an impressive feature and a worthwhile investment for a business that wants its interiors to stand out from the norm, while supporting a emerging artist like Fiona Bennett.

Butterfly by Fiona Bennett.  (56632899)
Butterfly by Fiona Bennett. (56632899)

All his work is not on such a grand scale. There are many smaller works in his Shadow series, created when travel restrictions imposed by lockdown rules limited Bennett’s work to his local neighborhood.

Turning her camera to her immediate surroundings, she focused on the accidental art we often miss, the ones we walk through without thinking.

His work in this series highlights the shadows cast by buildings and street lights when the position of the sun changes course.

Bennett asks us to pause and contemplate the interplay of light and dark; realizing that light produces more beauty by its partial absence.

Some images are simple, giving us the opportunity to consider the importance of angles from different angles; others, like Butterfly, are more complex, reconstructed shadows suggesting other worldly origins.

Bennett is fascinated by the architecture of our cities and towns, and through her work helps us rediscover the places we love and hate, and those we pass through, unaware of the beauty that surrounds us.

The Sense of Place exhibition will be held at the Handa Gallery, Wells Maltings until 22 May from 11am-4pm daily, showcasing original, innovative and accessible works of art, some of which have been reproduced as cotton T-shirts. limited edition.

Michael E. Marquez