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I have had the opportunity to fish in many parts of North America, from Ontario and Manitoba in the north to Florida in the south. I was able to participate in many memorable bites, for big fish and for many fish. But when I think about it, and I think about it a lot, if the rest of my fishing trips could be in one geographic area, it would be in the Midwest, not just for numbers, but also for size and size. variety. Simply put, the Midwest offers the best fishing package an angler could ask for. You might catch bigger bass in the south and bigger walleye in some of the rivers near the west coast. But many anglers who are familiar with what the Midwest has to offer think that in terms of fishing, it’s pretty hard to beat what’s close to home for the people who live here in a country ‘overflown’.

Lake Kabetogama fishing guide Tim Snyder with a nice October walleye. Walleye like this and larger may be more common in the fall than at any other time of year.

Bob jensen

Many of these people like to catch walleye. They like eater-sized walleye, but the big, really big, is often the goal. Now and for the next few weeks, the chances of achieving this goal are as good as they can get.

Fishermen catch more large walleye than in the past. This is partly because more knowledge is available, but also because more fisheries are being managed to produce larger walleye. If you are looking for a giant, spend your time on bodies of water that produce giants.

Just as some bodies of water have large fish and others are home to a lot of fish, certain areas of a body of water will be better for large fish. If you are in a location that looks good but only provides smaller fish, you should consider moving to another location. It seems that big fish and small fish usually hang out in different areas, or they can use the same area but at different times. Occasionally you can catch a big one mixed with the smaller ones, but usually the big fish hang out with other big fish.

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