It’s time to upgrade the photography experience with the world’s first 60MP OIS + EIS front camera – Infinix ZERO 20!

The importance of photos and videos in today’s era cannot be overlooked as they shape the understanding and perception of people on the web. Not being reserved for special occasions only, photos and videos serve as a form of self-expression on social media, which is now widely used by people on a daily basis. To achieve this goal, everyone wants a great camera phone to capture, share and relive their experiences together. But it is also safe to say that there are less or no matchless camera phones present in the market which can enable its users to be a trendsetter in terms of photography and videography. While on the other hand, Infinix just has the world’s first 60MP OIS+EIS camera phone up its sleeve, Infinix ZERO 20; to satisfy all the desires of photography and videography enthusiasts.

The newest member of the Infinix ZERO family – Infinix ZERO 20 is considered the best camera phone in a heartbeat! It has the first-of-its-kind 60MP front camera that supports dual image stabilization i.e. Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). One can capture the most stable videos with the smoothest possible transitions with this special feature while on the move. Users would only need to enable “Ultra Steady Mode” to activate Dual Image Stabilization.

The front camera is also equipped with autofocus which can autofocus objects quickly and accurately every time. It allows users to capture their selfies in remarkable and sharp detail. Offering other features such as a super night mode and a dual front flashlight that sensitively captures the sharp outlines of objects even in low light conditions. In addition, the front camera of Infinix ZERO 20 is assisted by artificial intelligence (AI) so as to instantly identify the user’s environment and different shades of light with the aim of selecting the most appropriate settings for high quality shot.

Whether someone is a nature admirer or someone who wants to record every little detail around them, the 60 MP OIS + EIS front camera has a range of promising built-in camera features to guarantee most photos and videos detailed. This bespoke and first-of-its-kind camera phone is about to launch, so it’s best to mark those calendars for the launch of Infinix ZERO with the world’s first 60MP OIS and EIS front camera.

Michael E. Marquez