Here’s a photo recap of everything you missed on this year’s Outer Lands

Outside Lands returned to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California the first weekend in August. Headliners included SZA, Jack Harlow, Green Day and Illenium, a lineup of fans from all walks of life excited about the upcoming weekend.

We were invited to capture all the best moments from the festival and interview one of the artists so those who were there could relive the memories and those who weren’t could pretend they attended. So let’s dive into our favorite moments from Outside Lands 2022.

Outer Lands 2022 Images

What happened on the outer lands

Our first performance of Day 1 (and of the festival) was Ashe, who brought her usual charm and energy to her performance. Next, we caught ROLE MODELs at the Sutro Stage. Her performance had very excited and singing fans. Day 1 ended with SZA performing at Lands End; his production and set design were truly amazing and perfectly accompanied his performance that night.

Electronic music artist and Bay Area native MVSE kicked off day 2 at the Heineken House with a. Many of his family and friends were present, so it was a particularly sentimental sight for him. MVSE’s sound is typically ethereal electronic music with analog/acoustic incorporation. His OSL set was unique as it was a one-off house set to celebrate his performance at his hometown festival. Be on the lookout for new music from MVSE soon and catch his shows if he’s in your city (upcoming cities include Los Angeles and Phoenix)!

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We also had the opportunity to catch Noizu’s set at Heineken House later in the day. It was a full house during his set, with a packed house, and the crowd really enjoyed the music. It was a busy weekend for him, with a performance in Miami the night before and a show in Vegas the next day, but he brought tremendous energy to Heineken House that energized the crowd.

Then Jack Harlow’s performance at Lands End captivated fans, from his charismatic performance to the pyro and visual effects accompanying his set. Day 2 ended with the performance of Green Day, and seeing the wide range of participants on the band’s set was amazing.

A Quick Word Surf Mesa Word

We had the opportunity to chat with Surf Mesa before his Sunday set on the Twin Peaks stage. Powell’s set was one of our favorites of the weekend; the crowd’s energy was tremendous and their feel-good music captured the spirit of the festival.


You shot and you were just in Lollapalooza last week. What’s it like to perform at these big festivals?

So crazy. It is one of the biggest festivals in the world, in the United States and everywhere. When you see what it looks like inside, it’s so transparent, and everyone has understood everything down to the little things. For example, I walked into my green room and the shower was modern as shit. It’s so crazy compared to other festivals, like other green rooms, that things just aren’t – you get a tent and a bottle of water. This is your green room.

But I’m so grateful and lucky to be playing Outside Lands. I’m told my set attendance is going to be awesome, and a lot of my high school friends, even, are there. I think the positive side of playing these huge festivals is that you come full circle with a lot of old friends, or you can bring your family to a festival if they’re close. So it’s much better than playing in a city where you don’t have a lot of friends or don’t know within a few states. But that’s my favorite part, just, you know, playing in front of people I know. And it’s totally worth it, after all. – Surf Mesa

After the Surf Mesa set, we headed to Lands End to catch Dominic Fike, with Blu DeTiger in support, followed by Glaive’s set through the park. During Glaive’s set, he told the audience how he learned to tie a tie for the first time that morning, to which the crowd cheered. Glaive’s performance was incredibly magnetic; he brought great energy to Panhandle Stage during his set. We could also listen to Mt. Joy’s set on the Sutro stage before closing Outside Lands 2022 with Illenium. Illenium hails from the Bay Area, so it was super exciting to be able to catch his hometown performance.

Michael E. Marquez