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Participants will be introduced to the identification, degradation, and preservation of common photographic printing materials, including salted paper, albumen, gelatin silver, and chromogenic color processes. Ethical and other factors to be considered in the preventive maintenance of printed documents at risk will be described. We will briefly discuss the first direct positive processes – the daguerreotype, the ambrotype and the tintype. We will also discuss the details of making, identifying, and storing gelatin dry plates and film negatives, as well as basic considerations for maintaining photographic albums. We will review preservation challenges related to large and diverse photographic collections with particular attention to the importance of appropriate storage environments and materials, contingency planning and risk analysis. The value and importance of photography, global initiatives and the pressing need to secure external funding and support through effective preservation advocacy will be highlighted throughout the webinar. Attendees will receive a small selection of historical prints, to be returned at the end of the webinar, for further study. A list of major publications and online resources will be provided. Each session will begin with a webinar presentation, but we will include time for discussions with welcome questions during or after each session using the Zoom meeting.

Statements and opinions expressed by panelists, hosts, attendees or other participants in this event are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of or are not endorsed by the American Alliance of Museums.

Michael E. Marquez