Hampstead Photographic Society member Eddie Bowman dies

1:33 p.m. February 15, 2022

Eddie Bowman, honorary member of the Hampstead Photographic Society, has died aged 91.

Eddie was a highly accomplished photographer, winning numerous awards including becoming a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and receiving his Fenton Medal in 1994.

His son Simon Bowman said: “He was a lovely father and grandfather. He will also be missed by his three grandchildren and his stepson.”

Photographer Eddie Bowman
– Credit: Eddie Bowman

David Reed, former HPS President, said: “Eddie was a major figure in the Hampstead Photographic Society and the wider photographic world, and he will be missed by many – especially his wife Pearl, his son Simon and his wife Penina – as well as so many HPS members who have had the chance to see his superb prints and hear his fascinating views on photography and the art world at large.”

Eddie took an active role in the RPS, his contemporary band being his brainchild.

An elderly lady sits by Eddie Bowman

An elderly lady sits by Eddie Bowman
– Credit: Eddie Bowman

Eddie was a prominent member of the Photographers Association, as well as participating extensively in competitions and events around the world.

He described his work as being “entirely in the past – a search for what has been lost – it’s work around the theme of absence”.

Using photography combined with digital imagery and manipulation, he has created many deeply thoughtful works that show this, David said.

In 1994 Eddie was awarded the RPS Fenton Medal, and he graduated from the University of Derby the following year with an MA in photography.

He graduated with honors from the University of Westminster in 1997, after studying an MA in Design and Media Arts.

“Perhaps one of Eddie’s greatest achievements in this wide world was being one of the first photographers to accept a job for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2016, when ‘she finally recognized that photography could be art,” David said.

“Eddie will be greatly missed by all of us who knew him.”

Michael E. Marquez