For National Rehearsal Day, here are some weird habits that I am rehearsing

Have you caught yourself doing something over and over again with no idea WHY? Well, today is National Rehearsal Day, a day that ENCOURAGES you to do something over and over again (see what I did there?).

Whenever I think of “repeat day” I think of the movie “Groundhog Day” because that was the movie that made time loops famous and this clip certainly comes to mind …

So, in honor of National Rehearsal Day, here are some of MY Weirdest Habits that I CONSTANTLY repeat that are okay on Rehearsal Day.

  • Time check: For some reason my brain has trouble holding time. I have a very bad habit of checking my phone or my watch to see what time it is, only to have to look again literally a few seconds later. Even with…
  • Locking the doors: Again, I have a bad habit of saying to myself “hey you locked the door. It’s okay.” I always end up having to RETURN to my car or front door to make sure I am absolutely, 100% sure that I have locked my door. And even then … I’m not so sure …
  • Saying simple sentences like “Thank you”, “Okay” or “I’m sorry”: We all have this friend who constantly repeats things or thanks someone. And to my friends, most of the time, I AM the someone … I like to show my thanks and I apologize.
  • Clicking on my pens: Unless you want me to constantly press down on the part of a pen that retracts and expands the point with which to write, don’t give me these types of pens because it’s more than likely that I’ll be that guy in the process. to click on my pen.
  • Listen to the same song: I think it’s one we can all agree that we did at some point. Whenever we hear a song that’s SO GOOD, you just have to listen to it over and over again (especially when it comes to Rush).
  • Watch a YouTube movie or clip: Sometimes it’s GOOD to review something because you might forget a little detail or forget something. Or maybe it’s just SO good.
  • Reread: I NEVER trust my writing the first time around so I constantly check my phrasing, my diction, whether or not the sentence makes sense & sometimes I can have up to more than a dozen revisions, even on the same sentence.

So remember, if you end up doing something AGAIN, it’s okay, I’ll say it again, it’s okay because it’s National Rehearsal Day.

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