Explosions, solar flares, no air: potential disasters during Jeff Bezos’ space travel

With an estimated net worth of $ 186.2 billion, Jeff Bezos has built one of the greatest empires in the world.

And as one of the richest men in the world, he can afford to buy just about anything he wants – but while some would be happy to strut around in superyachts and spend some money. money in private jets is not enough for the boss of Amazon.

He’s risking everything to leave the planet next month as a member of the first crew aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft.

The 11-minute journey to space is fraught with pitfalls, and Bezos will orbit at an incredible 2,300 miles per hour, or roughly three times the speed of sound.

But how much does the tycoon put into play for his out-of-this-world experience?

The Daily Star took a look at the biggest dangers Bezos faces on his trip to space.

Not being able to breathe

Space travel is a very dangerous game

The insane altitudes that Bezos will reach carry many risks – Earth’s atmosphere normally cannot survive above altitudes of 50,000 feet without a spacesuit – and Bezos will travel up to 350,000 feet, reports CNN Business.

Although the capsule in which he walks away from Earth is under pressure, so he does not need a spacesuit, there is no guarantee that the cabin will not lose pressure.

If disaster strikes and the cabin loses pressure, the billionaire and anyone else on board will quickly die from lack of oxygen and an abnormal, intense force on their body.

The shuttle being torn apart

Jeff Bezos
Bezos competes in space race competition with Elon Musk

Even though Bezos’ flight is suborbital and carries less risk than a full orbital mission, it can still be fatal.

In 2014, disaster struck when a Virgin Galactic space plane – similar to the one Bezos will use – crashed.

An early deployment of the feathering system, which keeps the craft stable as it dives back to the ground, added drag to the shuttle.

He was torn to pieces and one of the pilots died after the force tragically tore him to pieces.

Weightlessness wreaks havoc on bodily functions

The rocket explodes
Destruction is not uncommon when a shuttle blows through space

When Bezos reaches the stage of his journey where he experiences weightlessness, his insides will change immediately.

The fluids inside his body will be in chaos as the muscles work to pump blood as if he is still on Earth.

This means that fluids are pumped abnormally high into the body.

This can lead to a swollen head and increased pressure on the back of the eye, which can change its shape and even affect vision.

Take-off failure

For a few minutes of the trip, Bezos will be freed from Earth’s gravity

The launch of the infamous Space Shuttle Challenger sent seven brave astronauts to fiery death after one of the machine’s joints failed on takeoff.

Millions of people were glued to their TV screens to watch the expedition into space – but just 73 seconds into its flight, the Challenger erupted in a fireball over the Atlantic Ocean.

The hot gas caused the fuel tank to collapse and tear, triggering a huge fireball.

Although the technology has arrived since 1986, space is sadly unpredictable and another disaster cannot be ruled out.

Medical emergency miles above Earth

The rocket goes into orbit
The world watched the Challenger go up in flames

While a flight to Spain can cause punctured ears and headaches from the pressure, it’s no surprise that the risks in space are much greater.

It is not uncommon to vomit when experiencing weightlessness for the first time.

But there’s no way to completely predict how your body will react – and if a medical emergency arises in orbit, there won’t be a doctor to help you.

Extreme space weather

Jeff Bezos
Bezos’ brother and a lucky random bidder will also be on the shuttle

When you think of weather disturbances, your mind is likely to turn to the trains stopped by snow-capped mud – not the deadly energy bursting from the sun.

Aberrant space weather is unpredictable – it can cause vicious radiation, breakdown of electronics, and even the disappearance of all satellites in space.

So if Bezos were to be caught in an orbiting space storm, with huge bursts of dangerous energy, radiation, and debris, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t make it out alive.

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