Exhibition of photographic portraits at the Stamford Arts Center gallery

Stamford Stories, an exhibition of photographic portraits by Kingsley Singleton, is due to take place later this year.

Kingsley’s photographic work will focus on local artists, musicians, actors and poets and will be exhibited at the Stamford Arts Center gallery.

Students will also be involved, creating ‘postcard portraits’, and a family day during the exhibit will feature local artist Karen Neale.

Shalini Austin and Yvette Diaz-Munoz who organized the exhibition, Kingsley Singleton and Coun Amanda Wheeler. Photo: Kingsley Singleton

Featuring 20 diverse portraits, the photography exhibition will run from August 22 to September 4, in conjunction with the Stamford Diversity Festival on Monday August 29, a public holiday.

The exhibition has been made possible by a £500 grant to members of South Kesteven District Council, donated by Councilor Amanda Wheeler (Stamford St George’s – Ind aligned Lib Dem), who will cover the printing, the assembly and other expenses.

Amanda said: “I am so happy to use my Neighborhood Grant to support this project as it shows that we have a wonderful community of talented locals who contribute to the arts scene in and around Stamford.”

Paul Kneen.  Photo: Kingsley Singleton
Paul Kneen. Photo: Kingsley Singleton

Kingsley, whose work has been featured in National Geographic UK, added: “It was a really fun project to be involved in, creatively, but the best part was meeting some brilliant people.”

More information about the exhibition and the Stamford Diversity Festival will be featured in the Mercury later this year.

Luther King.  Photo: Kingsley Singleton
Luther King. Photo: Kingsley Singleton

Michael E. Marquez