English artist photographer Alice Cazenave offers a Cyanotype workshop on November 5 in Silver City | Carson City Nevada News

Event date:

November 5, 2022 – 1:30 p.m.

Alice Cazenave, a London-based photographic artist, will be offering a cyanotype workshop for adults on Saturday, November 5 at 1:30 p.m. at the Silver City Schoolhouse at 385 High Street, Silver City, Nevada.

Contact Quest Lakes at [email protected] to reserve a place in this free two and a half hour workshop, limited to fifteen participants. Everyone will have the chance to walk away with two unique draws.

Participants are encouraged to bring a part of a plant, such as a leaf, that they think could make an interesting impression. Participants are also asked to bring a small object, such as a key or a feather, which can be used in the workshop.

Cazenave explains that “by using plants that mean something to us, the workshop hopes to engage discussions about the future of ecologies in the surrounding region and how changing landscapes affect our lives”.

Description by Alice Cazenave of her November 5 workshop:

“This workshop reflects on the connections between landscapes, photographic images and future lives and ecologies. It considers the toxicity of analog photography and the methods used to process metals like silver and iron that made photographic chemistries. By working with cyanotype, we will make impressions of objects and plants that are close to our hearts. We will then tone our prints using vegetable toners made from desert species like mugwort and yellow rabbitbrush.

By making prints together, the workshop aims to open discussions about the legacies of silver mining that enabled analog photography in the 20th century.

Part I: Discussion of the plants brought to the workshop
Part II: Coating Paper with Cyanotype and Exposure
Part III: Toning prints with herbal toner

About the instructor:

Alice Cazenave’s photographic work has been published in The British Journal of Photography, The Guardian and The New York Times. She has exhibited internationally and gives guest lectures at institutions such as the Science Museum in London and the Experimental Photo Festival in Barcelona. Alice is a co-developer at Sustainable Darkroom where she studies low toxicity plant-based chemicals as substitutes for traditional darkroom materials. She teaches at Canterbury Christchurch University and is undertaking a PhD at Goldsmiths University in London.

“Alice Cazenave’s research and practice focus on film photography, and how this material changes ecologies, geologies and lives. Silver is the essential photosensitive material covering analog papers and films, making them photosensitive. Cazenave traces the paths of silver as it is extracted from the earth and reintroduced into the earth through various pollution linked to analog industries. She combines social theory, molecular biology, art, and anthropology to examine how silver alters earth’s chemistries, climates, and human and non-human worlds.

The workshop is sponsored by the Silver City Artist-in-Residence Program. Artists, musicians and writers from around the world stay at McCormick House for up to several months in exchange for offering free public performances, workshops, poetry readings and more. in Silver City and other communities in the northern Nevada region. Silver City is located in the historic Comstock area three miles south of Virginia City.

Michael E. Marquez