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Cumberland has always been an attraction for photographers in the Comox Valley. Dunsmuir’s main street, old lanes, historic sites and numerous trails provide exciting subjects for the lens. These offerings have become even more important during the COVID shutdowns, and the idea for this exhibit was hatched over coffee at the Wandering Moose during a Comox Valley Photographic Society field trip on a snowy day in February. 2021.

Eighteen CVPS photographers have decided to participate in this project, and the decision has been made to allow the submission of images from April 2021 to May 2022.

“Several times I’ve been asked, ‘Is this in Cumberland?’ explained the organizer of the exhibition, Norm Prince. Hence the name of the exhibition, Cumberland…Seemingly Boundless.

Selecting an image to print requires more attention to detail than creating a file to share digitally. Printing is a slow process and requires the designer to look at the details of the image and think critically about the results. Printing is also an expensive process and more attention is paid to what makes the cut.

“An impression is sometimes conflicting, but in a good way,” Prince said. “It grabs your attention and forces you to take a closer look.”

As images were selected for the exhibition, an interesting collection of architectural, street and nature themed prints emerged in color and black and white, some printed on metal or canvas. All prints are framed the same way allowing for distraction-free viewing of the photo.

“The next piece of the puzzle was finding gallery space, and coincidentally, during a photo shoot, a poster advertising an exhibition at The Gallery @ Weird Church caught my eye, and CVPS was able to secure June 2022 with the gallery,” said Prince. The exhibition continues to grow, with 35 prints to date. “The prints on display allow you time to look at the details contained within the print, and I hope there has a connection between the viewer and what the photographer was trying to capture.”

Cumberland… Seemingly Boundless opens June 4 from 2-5 p.m. and runs until June 25 at The Gallery @ Weird Church, 2668 Penrith Ave, Cumberland. Open Thursday, Friday 4-6pm and Saturday 2-6pm whenever the gallery sign is displayed.

IMF: or contact Norm Prince at: [email protected]

Shows at The Gallery @ Weird Church are curated by Cumberland resident Joan Udell, whose experience includes a career in high school teaching, a position in regional arts administration and experience on state boards. administration at the local and provincial levels, including chairmanship of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

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Norman Mathew, Cumberland Forest

Sean O'Connell, little red bike

Sean O’Connell, little red bike

Michael E. Marquez