Clam Island allows Pearl NFT to be traded for real life

NEW YORK, Oct 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – On Clam Island, which only launched on September 30, 2021, a user can buy clams and farm them for pearls, both of which are NFTs with billions of possible randomized combinations of traits on the BSC Blockchain making each of them unique.

NFTs have received significant media coverage lately, with a number of prominent celebrity mentions and NFT artwork on the blockchain selling for record prices.

However, media attention has largely focused on the usefulness of the NFT as proof of authenticity and traceability for limited edition digital artwork.

Clam Island brings together Decentralized Finance (DeFi), NFT and Gamification

Clam Island is a project to capitalize on the largely untapped potential of NFT as an interactive gamification tool and as a building block of decentralized finance (DeFi). He claims to be the first in his industry to create a Play to invest ecosystem, incorporating the purchase and production of clams and pearls as an interactive NFT collector’s game with financial utility built into its internal yield farm.

Every NFT on Clam Island already has utility and financial support through the implementation of yield increases in our native in-game token.says Sandy Zhang, CEO of Clam Island.But we didn’t want to just stop there. We all know that a physical work of art can be made into an NFT, but what if a digital-first NFT could have some use or even a counterpart in the real world?

This is how we created our Pearl Hunt event“, continues Mr. Zhang.”Each Pearl NFT produced has random characteristics based on actual pearl characteristics. So why not exchange a rare and precious NFT pearl for a rare and precious pearl from the real world?

How do I participate in the Pearl Hunt event?

You can participate in the Pearl Hunt Event simply by buying clams and dropping them off at the clam farm to produce pearls on clam island. Pearls whose traits meet the eligibility criteria can be entered on the Pearl Hunt portal. At the end of the event on October 31, 2021, the eligible pearl with the rarest traits / highest rating entered on the Pearl Hunt portal will win a Tiffany & Co pearl necklace, worth up to $ 10,000.

Details of the event, including the rules, can be found here.

The way to go

And we’re just getting started“, says Mr. Zhang.”There is so much more than we anticipated, some of which will connect the NFT Clam and Pearl on a much deeper level than this Pearl Hunt event. We can’t spoil the surprise just yet, but we’re very happy to show the world our vision.

You can read more about Clam Island below:

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