ANA restricts the use of photographic tripods in the Angkor Wat area

A representative of the Apsara National Authority (ANA), the Cambodian management authority responsible for maintaining the Angkor Archaeological Park, announced the authority’s ban on the use of tripods in the park, unless the photographers request permission through the ANA, a decision that has angered many people. professional photographers.

The explanation came after many photographers took to social media and complained that they were not allowed to use tripods in the park.

Long Kosal, spokesman for the ANA, said yesterday that authorities will prevent photographers from taking photos in the archaeological park because these photographers will use the images for commercial purposes.

The authority wants photographers to apply for permission, which means they have to pay a fee to the government,” he said.

“It’s also in the public interest as people going on tours with guides have paid the fee in the price of the tour and are allowed to photograph.”

Kosal added that the rule also ensures that ANA has full control over images taken from the Kingdom’s heritage sites and avoids any copyright issues the images might create.

Yesterday, professional photographer Yorn Ranuth addressed his complaints to Facebook saying that the ANA was following the correct procedure in requesting permission, but the application process is long and cumbersome and takes between three days and a week.

“I want the Apsara Authority to streamline the process, digitize it, using internet technology,” he said. “Landscape photographers who want to sell their images to promote the temples and ancient ruins of Siem Reap are not meeting the current demand.”

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Michael E. Marquez