A photographic tour of my favorite dining room on Pirate Night

Recently, Jackie told us all about Pirates IN the Caribbean Night on Disney Cruise Line, and Erica gave us a magical tour of all the main dining rooms in the Disney Dream…so let’s combine them and talk about the best dining room main for Pirate Night (mainly on the Disney Dream, but others too).

Before I jump in with photos and menus, it’s important to note that the pirate menu is the same throughout the ship. So whatever your meal rotation, you can enjoy all the nautical pleasures.

Palace of the animator (Disney Dream/Disney Fantasy) in Pirate Night

I love Animator’s Palate, and it’s even better on Pirate Night!

Some guests love the decor, which gives the impression of being in an animation studio, and that Crush swims in the dining room all night long; for others, Animator’s Palate is not their favorite place to eat. These guests will be happy to know the characters of The world of Nemo get to take the night off when the swashbuckling festivities begin.

Instead, the dining room is bathed in warm tones of yellow and orange lighting. Dining room screens pay homage to Disney’s love affair with the sea. You’ll see movie stills, artist renderings, and portraits of your favorite marine characters and theme park attractions. Everyone from Captain Hook to Blackbeard can be seen, and even some lesser-known features, like Treasure Planet, are celebrated.

So if you love Peter Pan, the Black Pearl and that dog with the keys to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, you’re in for a treat while enjoying delicious treats.

Animator’s Palace on the Disney Magic/Disney Wonder

No worries, my hearts. If you’re on the Disney Magic or Disney Wonder, your Pirate Night will also be filled with scallywags and nautical ne’er do wells on the screens too! But when you look at Animator’s Palate’s four restaurants, I simply prefer the swashbuckling atmosphere of the Disney Dream.

Request a meal rotation

Each route is unique. As your departure date approaches, the Disney Cruise Line crew can help you identify which night of your cruise will be Pirate Night, and may place a request on your reservation for you to be in a certain room. eat that night.

Remember that this is a request and not a guarantee, as several factors go into assigning catering rotations. I can’t stress this enough: You’ll have a fun and festive evening in any dining room on the ship!

Other Dining Rooms at Pirate Night

I’ve sailed on all ships, and while I like Pirate Night at Animator’s Palate the best, it’s just my preference. I really love being surrounded by the pirate scenery on the screens, the warm lights and the nautical music of my favorite Disney soundtracks.

However, every dining room has fathoms of fun for everyone. From live performances at Tiana’s Place to games, songs and other surprises. Your whole team will sing “A Pirate’s Life for Me” before the night is over.

So where are you favorite dining room for pirate adventures and mischief on Disney Cruise Line? Also have fun watching DCL Fan videos of Pete and crew while enjoying Pirate Night meals at various locations on the ships. Arg.

Disney Dream: Pirate Night in an Enchanted Garden

Disney Dream: Pirate Night at the Royal Palace

Two Guys on a Cruise ~ Dinsey Magic: Pirate Night Dinner at Lumière

Michael E. Marquez