A guide to using Photographic Styles on the Apple iPhone

iPhone cameras have steadily improved over the past two years. The iPhone 13 series sports one of the best camera setups in the smartphone space. Along with larger camera sensors, Apple has also been working on adding software features that were mostly available on third-party camera apps.

Whether it’s night mode for taking pictures in low light or new photography styles to change the look of your photos. Photographic Styles were introduced with the iPhone 13 series and can be used to change the overall look of your photos. If you like contrast-rich photos or images with a warmer hue, you can achieve just that with Photographic Styles.

If you have an iPhone 13 or newer, here’s how you can use Photo Styles to take photos the way you want!

What are Photographic Styles

Photo styles aren’t just filters you can add. You’ve probably applied filters to your photos on social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. In fact, the default camera app on the iPhone also has built-in filters.

styles on iphone

The photographic styles are different and you can apply them in real time. You can think of them as specific profiles that adjust warmth and tonal values ​​to improve the quality of a photo. Depending on the style you choose, iPhone allows you to apply these changes and adjust them in real time.

This results in a better result compared to applying filters as there is no loss in quality or resolution either.

Applying Photographic Styles

Apple offers five Photographic Styles to capture the type and style of photos you want. Here’s how you can compare and decide which photography style will suit your needs.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to the Camera section.

Camera settings

2nd step: Tap on it and you should see the camera settings.

Step 3: Select the Photographic Styles option under Photo Capture.

Photographic Styles

Step 4: You should now see the different photographic styles with a preview of what a clicked image would look like in that style. Here’s a better idea of ​​what each style would make for a specific change in photos.


This is the default style that will be selected if you make no changes. iPhone cameras are known for clicking lifelike images with natural color tones.

standard parameter

If you prefer that kind of look, you can leave it on the Standard setting.

Rich contrast

As the name suggests, this style boosts contrast levels and makes shadows darker. Colors also appear slightly more saturated with this style.

Rich contrast

If you want to create a dramatic look with a clear distinction between light and dark areas, choose this style. Also note the Tone and Warmth value set as default when choosing this style.


If you’re not a fan of the iPhone’s natural color tones and slightly muted look, this style is for you. Applying this style results in enhanced colors that appear when viewing an image.


If you have a lot of colorful elements in the scene you click on, this style will give you a great look. It is also good when you publish your photos online without any modification.


Generally, photos clicked on an iPhone tend to have a warmer tone. This style makes images look even warmer if that’s the look you’re going for.


If you’re shooting yellow lights or a bright afternoon scene with the sun outside, this style can give you a good look.


It is the exact opposite of the Warm style. It increases the levels of blue in the image, making it suitable for use at night or when clicking on the sky or a body of water.


It can also be a good option if you like slightly muted colors. Photographic styles can be changed each time before clicking on a photo. Therefore, you can use a particular style for certain scenarios and modify them according to the situation. Once you’ve chosen the style you want to use, tap the Use button at the bottom.

Use Photographic Styles

The best way to determine which photographic style you want to use is to click on photos with all styles applied. Here’s how.

Step 1: Open the Camera app on your iPhone.

2nd step: Tap the little up arrow at the top of the screen.

Camera app arrow

Step 3: Additional options will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select the Photographic Styles button, which looks like a few stacked rectangles.

Switching photographic styles

Step 4: You will now see the photographic style you selected earlier. You can swipe between different styles to choose the one you like best.

Different photographic styles

Step 5: There are two sliders at the bottom representing tone and warmth. Feel free to play around with these and customize the look to suit your needs. For example, increasing the heat in the Rich Contract style creates a Rich Warm style.

Use the Reset button next to the sliders to reset the default style.

Reset Style

Step 6: Press the shutter button to capture a photo with the style applied.

Note that once you capture a photo with a particular photographic style, you cannot edit it unless you manually edit the photo. You can click the same image with different styles to compare the differences side by side.

Comparison of different photographic styles

Here is a gallery showing the different styles of photography compared to the Standard profile. You can see the differences in colors and color temperatures with each style.

Change the look of your photos

Customize the look of your photos to your liking using Photographic Styles. Some people prefer natural colors, while others prefer images with enhanced colors that look more appealing to the eyes. The best part of Photographic Styles is that it gives you the flexibility to choose the type of look that you prefer.

Michael E. Marquez