5-year-old enters the record books for photographic memory | Coimbatore News

Coimbatore: Identifying the flags of 195 countries may seem like a difficult task, but a five-year-old resident of Ganapathy can do it effortlessly. In addition, she can recognize countries by listening to national anthems.
S Aaradhya, daughter of R Indumathi, reached the World Book of Records, recognizing 1000 images on various subjects. “By the age of two, she could identify Indian states. She could even identify national monuments and symbols, ”the mother told TOI.
Born in 2016, Aaradhya was due to enter kindergarten in 2020, but that could not happen because of the confinement. “I started homeschooling her to keep her engaged and to keep her away from gadgets. I found that she especially enjoyed learning new words after learning Hindi and English, ”said Indumathi.
“To celebrate 75th Independence Day, I taught her the names of states, landmarks and RTO codes, which she learned in just 10 days. I gave her more difficult tasks and she did them with ease. Now it can even identify monuments on banknotes. When we visit orphanages, slums and villages, she is keen to teach children there and share her knowledge. She even educates people about the cause of Covid-19, the symptoms of the disease and the preventive measures to be taken, ”added Indumathi.


Michael E. Marquez