20th Century Hebburn People and Places Remembered in New Photographic Book

A new book, Good Old Hebburn part II, is the latest in a series that provides a photographic record of 20th century life in the towns along the south bank of the River Tyne

A recently published photobook sheds new light on the 20th century story of Hebburn in South Tyneside.

Bygone places, many of which have since disappeared, and faces from the past are recalled in the book which features 320 striking images. Hebburn, on the southern stretch of the River Tyne, has become an industrial boom town, its teeming streets populated by a vibrant community.

The images in the book are reminiscent of shipyards, factories, streets, schools, shops, pubs and other places where generations of people lived their daily lives. The people of the town, as well as the places, are also remembered in dozens of archival school, sports and work photographs.

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The man behind the self-published book – Good Old Hebburn part II – is local photographer and historian Norman Dunn. Norman says: “I was born in Hebburn in 1944 when the town was part of County Durham. I am an amateur local historian, with a long-standing interest in the subject.

“In my lifetime I have collected thousands of photographs. As we know, a photo website can close at any time, so creating a book that can be physically held in your hand is my way of preserving our A book can be passed down in your family for future generations to see.”

Norman has been quite prolific over the past two years. He says: “During the pandemic and lockdown, I decided to produce a series of books from my image collection.” The six books published so far are Good Old Jarrow; Good old Hebburn; Good old Bill Quay, Pelaw, Wardley, Heworth & Felling; The good old Shields; Pictures of Jarrow & Hebburn School; and our working families in the 1900s.

With the new release Good Old Hebburn Part II, they provide a compelling photographic record of 20th century life in the towns and communities that lined the south bank of the River Tyne from Felling to South Shields. Norman says: “Each book is A4 with a gloss finish and contains over 300 photos making it wonderful value for £15. I could have produced a book with 50 photos and sold it for £7, but I wanted the books. be the best quality and favorable price. I got a lot of very positive feedback.

The six photographs below are a sample of the hundreds printed in Good Old Hebburn part II. The images are reminiscent of a very different city. Heavy industry has disappeared and many places have been transformed, but some are still recognizable in 2022. Likewise, many of the people in the photographs are no longer with us – but some remain, older versions of themselves younger, while many of them names endure among the children and grandchildren who now populate Hebburn.

Good Old Hebburn part II by Norman Dunn – along with his other recently published books – is on sale for £15, direct from the author. To order copies, email [email protected] or by telephone on 07958 120972. If people live on site, the books can be picked up personally. Meanwhile, Norman also hosts a popular online discussion forum called Hebburn And Our Neighbours.

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